Who is Lucero Mundo? The Messenger of the Palo Mayombe

Lucero world

Lucero Mundo is also known as Tata Nfinda and Quicio Puerta. This Npungo is a beneficial and evil deity at the same time, it is the deity that opens or closes the roads according to the Palo Mayombe cult, it has the keys to prosperity and poverty.

Who is Lucero Mundo?

World Star is the owner of the vital force, he is the guardian of the vital force of life, he is the vital force of life that was in creation. He was present when the existence was proclaimed, he is a very important divinity in the Order of the Npungos of the Mayombe stick, he is the head below all things in life, nothing can happen without his consent, that is one of the reasons why you always have to count on him.

He is a child, a natural trickster, he is easily irritated and must be cared for like any child, he does not respond well if he is neglected. It is essential, since without it nothing moves. He is called "the gatekeeper" because without his blessing one cannot enter through any metaphysical door, without his help, no material or spiritual threshold can be crossed. It is the first deity that manifests itself in our lives.

He is the owner of all roads, of the power to attract and reject the influences of good and evil, he is the dominator of the wind that travels every path, leads us to fortune or failure, he is aware in advance of problems, he is the guardian of the Ngangas and the force of diseases: he is considered the messenger of Nzambi (God).


The stars are attributed the colors red and black, or black and white. Which encode its contradictory nature. These represent the good and the bad, the one and the other, the positive and negative in our lives.

Herbs and sticks

Among the characteristic herbs and sticks of Lucero Mundo we can mention some such as guava, horse grass, sugar cane, cow's tongue, cress, espartillo, hen leg, paw, pastillo, curujey, fine yerba horse spur, Guanina (Yerba hedionda ), cuabico, itamoreal, caumau, mongoose, kioyo (broadleaf basil), ají güaugüao, piñón criollo, yamao among others.

Lucero in the Yoruba religion (Santeria)

It is syncretized with the Orisha Eleggua, share its colors (red, black and white), it is also related to Saint Anthony of Padua, the Child of Prague, the Anima Sola of Purgatory, Saint Roch, the Holy Child of Atocha, the child Jesus and even the Devil himself. He is also compared to Legba in Voodoo, to the Roman god Mercury, Celtic Lugus, and to Germanic Wodanaz.

How is the star cared for?

How is the star cared for?

This npungo (Lucero Mundo) is attended mostly on Mondays, with three knocks on the ground the greeting is made to open the doors of the week that is about to begin, He does not like ungrateful people, he is a complicated and temperamental deity, the best thing is to keep him happy all the time.

To serve lucero mundo, the first thing we have to do is say hello, light a candle, blow brandy and smoke tobacco, we can also make special or general requests such as the following:

• Today Monday your day, Lucero, lord of the roads, guide me and protect me from all evil, that the evil intentions have against me, take me along the path of development, health, happiness and prosperity. Nsala Malecun Lucero, today and always!

• Nsala Malecun Lucerito my cute boy here I greet you… And I leave you some toys, fruits and sweets that you like so much, guide me and protect me from all evil and danger that crosses my path throughout this week.

• Nsala Malekun bless my father Lucero, I ask you for health, tranquility and development my father, open good doors for me and close bad ones, protect my house and always bless those who live in it, protect those who love me and separate me road to those who wish us harm. Lucerito go ahead that I follow. Malecun nsala!


In the place where we place the foundation of Lucero Mundo, toys, kites, whistles, sweets, soldiers, balls and all those things that children like are placed. He loves parties and celebrations, as well as games of all kinds. You can place any type of keys, machetes, guamo hats, doodles and decorated goat jars.

Fruits such as guavas, oranges and sugar cane are offered to him, he enjoys spirits such as brandy, rum, dry white wine and especially the chamba which is used to feed and give strength to all the npungos, this drink is prepared according to each of the herbs characteristic of the deity, in this case the star can be prepared with three, twenty-one or one hundred and one different herbs apart from other essential ingredients for its preparation.

Lucero Mundo likes fried or smoked fish, in addition chickens, roosters, quail and goats are immolated, which are sacrificed by godparents or tatas, all these animals are given as recognition for solving a setback, problem or generally as gratitude for favors received.

Paths of lucero

Like all the Npungos lucero it also has 21 paths with a difference between the others since we can find two types of luceros, these are:

  • Lucero Mundo: Which is born from a 2-sided stick figure, or from a 2-sided mass or stone.
  • Lucero Cuyo Malongo: It is a diabolical star that is born from a mass only of quillisos and whose human. This can be whirlwind, mayombe (flying), or creeping that mounts on the remains of a snake or snake, preferably poisonous.

The 21 paths of lucero Mundo:

  • Kunanbembe: It is said that this star is the owner of good and bad things.
  • Lucero Prima: What does it mean, dawn, this is born from a snail or a cobo, it is the owner of twilight.
  • Endaya: Owner of the depths.
  • Pitalanga: Owner of the seashore.
  • Early morning: It is born from a white snail stone, from a river china (stone) or from a carved plate. the one who lives near the moon.
  • Approve Strength: It is that star that lives on the line of the train rails
  • Vence Guerra: It is the star that lives within the problems.
  • Vira Mundo: Lives at the cemetery gates.
  • Monte Oscuro: It is the one that lives in the trails.
  • Lucero Busca Buya: The one who lives in the police station.
  • Lucero Mundo Nuevo: The one who lives in prisons.
  • Lucero Rompe Monte: This lucero lives on the roof of houses with other entities and the only one to be fed on top of a consecrated tile.
  • Sabicunangusa: It is said that he is the one who lives on the river bank and is the only star that can eat black hen at the foot of the river.
  • Felling late; Owner of diseases, he lives in hospitals.
  • Catilemba: It is the star who works with Kobayende.
  • Hard Hat: It is the one that lives and eats in the lagoons.
  • Tronco Malva: It is the star that lives in the four corners.
  • Lucero Pata dream: He is the one who lives at the crossroads.
  • Jagüey Grande: Lives in the mountains.
  • Lucero Kabanquiri: live in the dark.
  • Seven Door: This star is the one that lives in darkness.

CharacteríStories of the children of lucero

Lucero's children are characterized by being very intelligent, skillful, stubborn people and they do not like to be contradicted. They are very independent and have a very good mood. They are very talkative, so much so that they are able to sell to the impossible using their great conversational skills.

The children of this deity stand out for being very sociable, happy and partying, they are usually liars, cheats and charlatans. Although on many occasions these behaviors and actions lead them to achieve the desired success.

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Prayer to lucero Mundo

Prayers are mostly used to establish a spiritual connection with the Npungos, in this case with Lucero Mundo they are always accompanied by special requests with which it is sought to manifest and grant our supplications and requests.

Lucerito, my guardian angel, you who are my protective guide, you are the one who has the mission that Manbe gave you to guide my steps and watch over me during the day and night, I ask you to always take care of me on the roads let it go. Be you the one who protects me from all evil, be my defender from all enemies, from thoughts that want to harm me, from envy, greed and above all, free me from witchcraft. If in my round a spirit that wants to harm me, let it be your power that rejects it from me, if there is an enemy in this hour and in this holy moment that wants to do some harm to me, I beg you to intercede for me and remove from his mind any harm he intends to do me.

Lucero Mundo, you who are the only one who possesses and has the power to open and close the paths of faithful men who serve your work, I ask you to give me your infinite goodness open my paths to luck and success in everything that I propose in the health and in my prosperity. You are my refuge and the sweet shelter in the shadows, in you I have faith since you are the father and the one who helps me when I need to travel some new path. Don't leave me without my daily bread, hold me in your hands and take me with you.

Lucero Mundo signatures

The signatures come from ancient times where Africans practiced a method of communication since they did not know how to read or write, and they saw that speaking, laughing and celebrating were actions that could only be carried out by people with fair complexions, in view of This they framed their writings and their communication through symbols on the ground made of white flour, ground bones and even marked the wet ground with their fingers, thus creating a unique code between them to communicate. These symbols served to announce events, wars or other purposes of these methods, the signatures arose since they represent in themselves a message of the different deities of the Mayombe culture.

Lucero Mundo's signatures are used to break any job that a person has, it also serves to herd the Nfumbi. Here are some firms belonging to this Npumgo:

Signature of Lucero Mundo against Witchcraft

Signature of Lucero Mundo against Witchcraft

Make this signature with white chalk or scale to protect a home. It is used to work the four corners so that the enemy does not reach your house, it is herded in the four cardinal points with the name of the enemy, the fula palo changes voice, palo loses course palo varia, palo tames handsome and then it herds.

Lucero Mundo signature to request protection

This signature will help us to break any spell witchcraft or work.

Lucero Mundo signature to request protection

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  1. My question comes because a striped friend says that Lucero is a dead person. That he had a name for him. Lucero is a dead person/entity. And according to his name and I give an example (it is not a real name) his name is Juan.

  2. Thank you for all the great information. I have a question that I'm hoping someone can clear up. Papa Agwe is my main spirit guide. If I contact and also pray to Lucero, is it a conflict of interest or even dangerous?
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