5 Stories or Pataki of Oshun

Oshun Pataki

5 pataki of the orisha oshun extracted from Yoruba mythology reflected in the Oddun of Ifa. Each pataki tells us about different stages and experiences that this deity lived during his stay on earth.

Pataki: The path of Oshun and Orunmila

In the land of Ala Joron, Obatalá lived with his youngest daughter, Oshún, who did all things to her father because he was old, this was in charge of running the house and taking care of Obatalá's things, together with Elegba that helped her.

One day Obatala had prepared a drink for Osanyin who was secretly betraying him, in turn he was also preparing an oshinshe to be able to destroy it in case of rebellion. All this is ready, Obatalá sends for Oshún and Elegba to carry out that order, when Elegua was going to where
was she was intercepted by Orúnmila, who told him to tell Yalorde that he had to do ebbó, because Ozain had all the roads blocked and he could fall into a trap.

Oshún ignored Orúnmila because he thought that Osanyin was not so bad. He appeared at his father Obatalá who told him: "Take this to Osanyin, but don't even think about drinking it," before going through ibú and burying this oshinshe with ewe Iroko so that I can control all of Osanyin's steps. Oshún so
he did, but when he was sowing the oshinshe he felt thirsty and he heard a voice similar to Baba's who told him, go to Osanyin's house but before you get there, drink some of that. So she did it without realizing that it was a hoax, and when she drank from it at osain fell completely asleep.

Elegua and Orúnmila had been worried because Oshún had not paid attention to Orúnmila, so they decided to go, and when they passed by Iroko they heard the same voice and quickly Orúnmila broke an obi funfun and killed an eyele in a white mauve segment and began to shake the road, when the Egun saw him they fled
frightened and so Orúnmila arrived at Osanyin's house who was preparing to take advantage of Oshún, Orúnmila when seeing him entered the house praying: “Alafia Omo, Alafia ilé Obakono Kosu Ayé Umbo ilé Osanyin Adifafun Yalorde”, and at that moment lightning struck destroying Osanyin, Orúnmila took the white mauve ewe that he was carrying and gave it to Oshún who woke up, when they returned they told the story to Obatalá who told Oshún, never again in your life to drink and disobey Orúnmila .

Oshun was mistreated by Shango

In this pataki, Oshun lived with Shango in a village. She was very beautiful and had all the men in that place captivated. All the okuni who put everything at her feet without her asking for anything, but accepted what was brought to her, but Oshun was only in love with a single man, Shango.

They began to live together because as time passed they got married, but Shango began to mistreat her and what she gave him, he preferred to enjoy it with other women, making her life impossible, she suffered morally and spiritually, but despite all that mistreatment she continued being madly in love with Shango and did not want to part with him.

After time Oshun decides to take revenge on the god of Thunder, who had a brother named Abeyi, she began to fall in love with him and began a relationship with him. Shango upon learning of the situation and went to ask his brother for explanations, to which he replied:

Brother, Oshun has been mistreated and abandoned by you and I have given him what you have not been able to.

What you have done with other women, do not claim it from me. You embarrassed and mistreated her, she is tired, Yalode is already bored of you. With me he is happy.

Patakie: Eshu littered Oshun's house

A Patakie (story) tells that Oshun lived with Babalu Aye in a town called the land Iyebu Teyun Lashe Lenu they were the owners of the region of that land, where they had many children and were very happy.  

But this Pataki de Oshun tells us that San Lazaro had an assistant named Eshu Alawana who ate everything that was rotten, so Oshun did not tolerate it and threw him out of the house so Eshu had to live in the cemetery. While there, he was in charge of bringing food to Yewa.

Eshu had great appreciation for Babalu Aye, this was his teacher and he always went to his house to look for him, but Oshun would not let him in, because he had an unpleasant smell. As a result of all this, Alawana would watch over her and when she was careless, she would enter the house and dirty it, and when she went to look for him, he would hide in the trash can and hide.

it transformed into garbage, then in the form of garbage it entered the house and no one could see it, creating difficulties inside the house, bringing disease and tragedy.

One day Oshun told her husband: For a while now we have been through a lot of work. And one day he convinced him to go see Orunmila, where he consulted them revealing the sign of Ifa Odi Iroso and he told him that he had a character who had always been with him and that lately he had denied him into oblivion for hanging out with his wife, but that this character in his incessant search in the house harmed him because he himself did not understand it as it was necessary, then he marked an ebbo, where he had to sweep the house together with Oshun and in the meantime go singing this Suyere:

"Illerean wing illerean labera obeys gbogbo araye unlo kampani Kampani unlo araye ashegun ota."

When they swept up the garbage from their house, they took it to Orunmila, but first they took some of it and threw it: eku, eja, awado, oñi and oti and placed it in shilekun Ile, gave him Obi Omi Tuto and gave him an akuko and an eyele, then with that trash they made an apayeru ebbo and put it in the trash can where Azojano sang:

«Awara ebora kada alawana dide dideo ara gogoto dibe dibeo, Bebele eshu alawana dide or umbo ile mi»

Then Alawana appeared inside the garbage and when they saw it, they knew who it was that was dirtying the house and causing so many Bears. Eshu, he got up from the trash singing:


Then Babalu Aye told him: You and I must live together, so Olodumare determined, you will always live in my house which is the house of ODI-IROSO, and OSUN, but you have already got used to the cemetery, you are going to live in a pit behind the door. So Eshu Alawana stayed forever guarding the door of the house and eliminating all the witchcraft and sorcery that Asojuano's enemies did.

Oshun the daughter of Obatala

In this story (Pataki), Obatala had a very pretty and very beautiful daughter, who was Oshun, Baba always had her by his side and she spent a lot of work washing his clothes, cooking his food, cleaning his house.

She complained about so much work and Obatala told her: - «My daughter, I will reward you». He did nothing to alleviate her in these works, since he thought she was his slave.

The Yalode had friends who visited her and told her not to be stupid, because with her beauty and loveliness she didn't have to be going through so many jobs, that there were Princes and Kings on the plain, that she go with them to enjoy life and obtain wealth and money.

One day tired of working so much in her father's house, she heard the bad advice of her friends and she went with them and she was so badly lived that her friends gave her that she became seriously ill.

When she returned to her father's house, she was tuberculosis and so deteriorated that Obatala, when he saw her, told her: «I advised you not to leave my side, because although it is true that you work a lot, you had tranquility, food and a house to live in. , but it is too late for you.

Patakie: Oshun saves Shango from misery

Shango was the governor of a town, where he had many businesses, but these were not prosperous, losing all his money and he saddened to find himself in that situation he was not used to, decided to leave that town.

But his relatives told him why you are not going to see orunmila and you look at yourself with it before leaving, so he did and Orula consulted him and made him ebbo and told him to take him to the middle of the beach. When he got there he met Oshun who was happy to see him, because he wanted to talk to Shango and he told him to wait for him to leave the Ebó and when OSHUN returns he proposes a business together with her that was to sell animals of all kinds, He accepted, because it was what he did and a partnership is made and begins to prosper again.

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