Irete Meji's Patakie: OYA captivated by OGUN.

Patakie by Oya oggun and shango

In Odu of Ifa, the strength of the hands and teeth was born. The reason why OYA uses a scythe was also born.

In this story or patakie of the sign of Ifa Irete mejiOrisha OYA lived in the land GADA AWO. This land was ruled by OGUN.

He always had OYA with his hands tied and dressed in a tiger skin, because he knew the strength and power of his hands. OGGUN He had her as a slave of his government, which he had in Inle YADA AGEO.

The Orisha OGUN ruled on the strength and fear that he inspired. Every day in the morning he took OYA out to the center of town. With the machete he had, he scared people. OYA, with her hands tied, imprisoned with the chain, she always began to sing:



and all the people of the earth GADA AWO knelt on their knees and began to pray.

OGGUN took the machete and blew it on the ground, singing:



And even OYA was scared. From the arrogance that she took, she would get beside herself, furious, and put her hands on the ground. Instead, OGUN grew stronger every day in his government.

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In Irete meyi, Elegua finds Oya enslaved

One day, CHOOSE He went to visit OYA and saw her tied by the hands. ELEGBA was surprised to see her in these conditions and left, sad and upset, because of the situation OYA was in. SHANGO, who was on a walk with OKE and they were going to ORUNMILA's house, meets ELEGBA and he tells him what happened to OYA.

SHANGO replied that, anyway, they were going to ORUNMILA's house and they would see what they could do.

Elegua, Shango, and Oke were walking down the road, singing:


ORUNMILA listened to them, went out and they gave him MOFORIBALE. He received them and told the Orisha SHANGO: With the great power you have to do and undo, how come you have not solved the OYA problem. Shango replied: It was you who sent him Orisha Oggun to rule the land YADA AGEO and he, when he got there, drove OLUO GADA AWO and stayed with his government. In addition, he took OYA as a slave and all the people became his enemy.

ELEGUA, who was listening to this conversation, began to cry. SHANGO who saw it, said to ORUNMILA: I am not going, but I will send my powers. He removed the jars and carried them, and gave ELEGUA 1 stone and the instructions of what to do when he got to where OYA was. ELEBARA, when YADA AGEO came to earth, it was night. He called to OYA and placed his hands on a large stone, so that with the SHANGO stone he could break the chain with which OYA was imprisoned.

Shango frees Oya

He struck the chain until it broke. After he released OYA, he handed over the jars that SHANGO sent to OYA. With these jars he prospered and squeezed his hands little by little, until he regained his strength. Then ELEGBA came out right away and hid in the bush, to see what OYA was doing.

In the morning, when OGUN called OYA to do the usual ceremony, OYA came out with her tongue sticking out, casting a candle through a stick that SHANGO had sent her along with the jars.

OYA began to bring down OGUN and all the people of that land. They all ran away.

OGUN went to ORUNMILA's house, who took the scythe from him and sent it with ELEGUA to OYA. ELEGBA immediately went to look for Awó YADA AWO, whom OYA received and gave him MOFORIBALE and said: I will be your personal defense; you will be the owner of these lands and you will always have to take good care of CHANGO and ELEGBA, because they were the ones who gave me the power and strength to win.

Analysis of this story of the Odu Irete Meji

For this patakie of the Odu Irete Meji, it can be applied to a man who can separate him from his wife through witchcraft, casserole, Zarabanda, her new husband being an exploiter of her, being mistreated and abused. After a while, a foster child or a relative can make an effort to save her and, through a sincere mayombero, who knows the seven-ray path, tells her what happened and he does the job for her and He sends it through an intermediary to throw it away or apply it to the captive. Later, Ifá is seen in divination (he is lowered) and with the help of ORUNMILA he helps to reverse the thing, being then the captive, when breaking the mooring, the one who goes on the offensive, firing her captor along with her accomplices .

As a final step, the mayombero, son of seven rays, will make a safeguard for her, consisting of two jars of goat, guided by a spirit, which will give the captive the necessary strength to win in all cases.

The previous husband returns to the house and recognizes the evil that his wife was subjected to and she, in gratitude, gives him her saintly and conjugal support, being happy for the rest of their lives.

The man has to be Awó de ORUNMILA, in order to be able to equalize, since this woman from that moment acquires a supernatural power.

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