Story: The War Between SHANGO AND OGGUN, Patakie Osalo Fobeyo

Osalo fobeyo Ogun and shango

In many stories, patakies tell us the different times when Shango and Oggun They went to war, being two Orishas warriors and with opposite personalities, it was very common for them to get into any fight. This story is taken from Odu of Ifa Osalo Fobeyo.

On Earth ABEYE BEYE IFA lived AWANILORUN, he was very disturbed and with great concern because his children were always fighting, these were Shango and Oggun. He didn't know why they got along so badly or why they always fought so hard.

One day after much thought, he went to Ni LOLA land where the mother of his children lived, this was Oro Iña. When he arrived, he asked Oro Iña about his children, she replied that they were both very well, and they got along very well and loved each other very much.

Osalo Fobeyo is revealed in Divination

AWANILORUN was pleased and left for the Land of OBE YENI IFA for AWO BENI BOYE to make divination with Ifa, the odu that came out was Osalo Fobeyo, at that moment I ask: I want to know what is the dislike between Shango and Oggun? The babalawo's answer was that in order to know the answer, he had to first do the ebbo of this sign.

AWANILORUN made the Ebó and when he went to take it, he released the white roosters and presented it to EGUN OBA NI OBA and began to clean it and then gave it to him to eat and when EGUN OBA NI OBA was eating it he sang:


AWO AWANILORUN had a revelation and there he saw his children Shango and Ogun, who were boys and were fighting and Oggun ran out and hid behind a hill, while Shango yelled at Oggun: you are a cheat and gossip you tell our mother Oro Iña everything, you also want more to your mother than to your father and at that moment SHANGO invoked the power of the Lightning and began to attack Oggun.

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Shango and Oggun in constant war

OGUN was very scared and began to call his father, but AWO AWANILORUN could not approach them because Shango was very upset, so AWO AWANILORUN had to use AWO ABEYE BEYE IFA who told him, we must invoke Eshu Elegua, he He replied, very well, I will, but AWO A BEYE IFA told him, take this agogo to intervene.

When ESHU arrived AWO ABEYE BEYE IFA gave him to eat toasted corn, honey, and brandy, and a big cock and began to sing; «ELEGUA A BORORO BORI BAYE ESHU BABORO BORI BAYA OGUN MAGUA NI LAYE SHANGO BORA KELELE GUAO MA NI LAYE”.

Elegua helps stop the war between Oggun and Shango

And Eshu Elegua, repeating the song, approached where Shango Y Oggun were singing and with a gourd in his hand full of flour and fish. Shango and Ogun when they saw Eshu and when they heard his song, they calmed down and Elegua took the opportunity to tell them: You have to go see your father AWO AWANILORUN who is very upset with you, they ate and went to look for AWO AWANILORUN when they were going to the way OGGUN played the agogo and sang: "BENERI LADE INLE WATER ORI OGUN MOGUAYENI OSRISHE BARALEKUN LELE BARALEKUN LELE".

AWO AWANILORUN was sitting in AWO ABEYE BEYE IFA's house when they arrived, AWO AWANILORUN took Shango and said: This is my son SHANGO who loves me the most and that is why you will have all the virtues in the world.

Ogun He told AWO AWANILORUN, I will become iron and without me in the world nothing can be done, I will serve for work and for all things, then AWO AWANILORUN said: To Iban Eshu and OGUN became iron.

AWO AWANILORUN was very happy and said: You two will be the most useful on earth and when I go to eat, you two will be with me and from today the tragedies between you two will have to end. AWO AMANILORUN caught 16 pigeons and began to eat together with OGGUN and SHANGO and there was no more war between them.

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