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ogbe bara sign

Ogbe Bara, is the combination between the Odu Elders Ogbe and Obara, in the stately order of Ifa occupies position 22. This Ifa Sign tells us about avoiding confrontation with the elderly, it tells us about the blessing and importance of the Orisha Shango in our lives.

Ifá sees a close friend of this person. He should be careful with this friend. The particular friend is shorter than him. He must be very careful as bad friends could corrupt his plans or activities. Ifá says that he will have a son who would help him defeat his enemies. He would be stronger than his enemies.

Analysis and reflection of Ogbe Bara

Ogbe Bara says two heads are better than one, Ifa makes us reflect on the treatment we have with other people, many times it is believed that to succeed or achieve certain objectives we must do it alone, because Ifa recommends having a partner with whom to discuss plans and projects, those governed by this Oddun must avoid self-reliance.

You only go far, as a team you go faster.

It is necessary to improve relationships with the family, specifically with a sibling, one must rely on the other both personally, physically and spiritually, Ifa in this Oddun of Ifa advises the person, that they should beg your head Together with his brother / sister, he must buy all the things that his relative needs for prayer, his brother must do the same. One's Ori would support the Other's and vice versa.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ogbe Bara?

  • The secret of breadfruit.
  • Let the birds feed their children by vomiting in their beaks.
  • The linen cloth.
  • Gesticulation when speaking.
  • Him because Kobo Ori with white doves.

Recommendations of the Ogbe Bara sign:

  • If you have Olokun, change the jar.
  • Wash it with breadfruit leaves, Obí and egg white.
  • Receive the Warriors, Osanyin and Ifá.
  • Beware of lovers on the street.
  • Take care of ear conditions.
  • Beware of the door and the corners of your house that can make you bad.
  • Be careful with parties and treats as there is betrayal in the environment.
  • Beware of alcoholic beverages because it can be your misfortune.
  • Don't give your name easily without finding out first.
  • If you are called, do not look back if you do not recognize who it is before.
  • If he asks your name, tell him your name is Thin as a Needle.
  • Give fresh meat to Ogún and Oshosi.
  • Be careful with lovers in the bus and on the street, because they can come to the house.
  • To progress from food to Egun on a day of rain, storm and lightning.

Ogbe Obara in Osobo 

  • Don't be afraid that in time your enemies will have to cry
  • His enemies do not sleep at night because they watch over him.
  • Do not work at night even with a light because over time you can go blind.
  • Here powder is blown on the person on the back.

Oddun Ogbe Bara bans:

  • Trust nobody.
  • Do not eat any large painted beans, or red beans, they are served in front of your enemies
  • Do not go to any gatherings or parties in painted clothes.
  • Do not argue with anyone.

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The Ogbe Bara sign points out: 

  • In a sick person who dies, because like the ewé Alukerese (the Ivy), who lives attached to the humidity, that person will live in the humidity, in the grave.
  • That in Ituto is favorable.
  • That the person to achieve their desires does not skimp on anything.
  • Chest disease.
Ogbe Bara Sayings

Tips of the sign of Ifa Ogbe Bara:

  • When this ifá (O) comes out in atefá, the Awoses must clean themselves with Eku, Eya and Awado and cast it in a joro-joro. 
  • You are very incredulous and that can cost you your life.
  • Eshu Elegba is standing in the corner laughing at his problem.
  • There are those who, by hurting him, what he is doing is good.
  • In his house there is a great revolution. 
  • He is the son of a holy baron, but he has nothing for a baron. 
  • If she is a woman, she can be a lesbian (inverted), or have two husbands, if her husband is discovered he kills her for being unfaithful. 
  • You are a fortune teller. 
  • They are watching him to betray him. 
  • Be careful with your enemies. 

Says Ifa odu Ogbe Bara

That he has many complications, his home is not working well, they are trying to find him to make him boss or offer him control of a place.

Make a request before you go there to make sure they don't hate you.

People are very envious of you, wherever you go try to talk a bit, to make sure they don't lose their morale, and if they do the opposite, they will definitely throw you out.

Do not eat large painted beans, or go to conferences in repainted clothes, always opt for clothes in only one color.

In your house there is a woman expecting a child, inform the couple not to consume any more alcoholic beverages due to the fact that Iku is after him.

Justice is looking for him. They saw you, but they didn't know you. you're a bit stubborn.

Be cautious around the corners of your house as they want to put witchcraft on you.

You are a lucky person to win the lottery, buy tickets in three different places, you will get the big reward. Take a good look at where you are going to be so you don't get caught or stolen.

Shango looks for a jutia to offer it to Elegba, so they don't interrupt him.

Iku chases after him.

Ogbe Bara Sayings:

  • The Bat, head down, observes the way the birds behave.
  • The ideas of a good man are like gold bars.
  • A King who dies, a King who eats. A dead King King put.
  • The white hen does not realize that she is an old bird.
  • He who must play a role in life is recognized by his birth.
  • The great jar never lacks a hole.
  • The good sun is known at dawn.
  • If you dress naked and show your favor, you have not dressed him.
  • The big jar cannot break itself.
Ogbe Bara Image

Prayer of the Odu Ogbe Bara Ifa:

Ogbe Bara bi aboé baba tereré adifafun sesé, bi aboé baba tereré adifafun Shango, bi aboé baba tereré lordafun Olofin. Baba Yeku koladeo heard unlo aguere ni Orunmila to Iban Eshu.

Ebo from Ogbe Bara 8-6:

Work for the firmness Ogbe bara.

Take a belly-ripping stick cuje, hang three güiritos, one painted red and loaded with smoked jutía, one white loaded with smoked fish, and one painted black, loaded with toasted corn and corojo butter and it is they leave Elegba.

Ogbe Bara's Ebbo for development:

Elegba is covered with mosquito netting at 12 o'clock in the morning and it is turned on and three drops of water are poured on the door and she touches him with agogo from Obatalá asking for money.

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What does the sign of Ifa Ogbe Bara speak?

Of the family. There are sick.

Shango, you need to give an Abo to Shango to save him from Iku.

You have to Receive the Warriors, Osanyin and also Ifá.

That when the dove squeezes itself in the chest, it dies.

Of the woman who can fall short without getting married.

From an Egun who speaks directly into your ear.

That in this Ifá you are seeking to be the head in religion and you also want to be more than the godfather.

That the person to achieve their dreams saves absolutely nothing. Ifá of treason.

That the individual has a great secret in his life. Ifá of hidden things.

That right here Ogbe Bara Shango I was looking for a Hutía to give to choose so she wouldn't interrupt him.

That right here the priests informed the King that he needed to sacrifice his eldest son (first-born), to save his people, although it was really to destroy him as King and as man.

Disintegration, financial obligations.

What bad things stick to the Babalawos just like Orunmila did.

Where the Bacán was born, Shango was born, whose father was called Shubulu Ado Madere Ayai Oku.

Ear diseases of the ear, do not overlook that you can become deaf.

Olofin welcomes the person with open arms.

May the godchildren of the Awoses become enemies, in addition to the person being consulted.

That Ogbe Bara is lost if he believes that he cannot live apart from the woman he loves.

That, if the sons don't ebbo, they will become opponents tomorrow.

In the Ogbe Bara sign, Shango is asked to ensure that his destruction does not come.

That you need to provide food to the ringworm that represents the awo Ogbe Bara.

That Olofin is who I control in this ifá.

That in Ituto, if Ogún leaves, Oshosi also leaves, and if Oggún stays, Oshosi also remains.

When Ogbe Bara comes out in prophecy, the person must honor Ogún and also use a goat for sacrifice on the sacred altar of his ancestors so as not to have problems as a result of the activity of his association, as well as avoid retaliation by an authority.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Ogbe Bara 8-6:

  • Alukerese (Ivy).
  • Hazelnuts
  • Breadfruit tree.

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Patakie of the sign Ogbe Bara:

The war of the horse and the breadfruit.

Tomu was the most famous Awó who had the land of Obi Aya Nile and Olokun who lived in that land was always complaining and tearful because his wife had never had a child and then he decided to consult with Awó Temu to see what he said, Awó Temú This Ifá saw him, that he had to do ebo for his wife to give birth, he also told him that even if he did not do ebo, his wife would give birth, but that the ebo had to do it so that the children would not have enemies later, Olokun performed the ebo but left it. incomplete because he did not bring the akukó goal that he carried when his wife gave birth, it turned out that he brought Jimaguas and gave him the name Eshin and Afon, which means the Horse and the other the Breadfruit Tree.

Years passed and the descendants of this happened to him the same thing that his father Olokun wanted to have descendants and they went to the house of Awó Temu who marked him ebó that years ago he had marked his father and the same thing happened again, the three did not bring akukó who carried the ebó and it was incomplete during Eshin's pregnancy, Afon's wife had a son Eshin wondered what happened that his wife had not finished giving birth and went to Temu's house and Temu told him that the ebo that she had brought his brother for him was not complete since the three akukó were missing, so Eshin became enraged and went to Afon's house and began to trample on Afon's children until he killed them.

Then as time passed Eshin's wife gave birth to a male child and when Afon found out she brought him water and she gave so much water that he drowned.

Since then Eshin and Afon have been enemies to the death.

On this path you have to do the complete ebo.

Ogbe Obara survives a fire.

Ogbe Bara was home. One day when he went out, the fire destroyed his father's property. His parents, who did not know that he had left, mourned his death. His father used to say: Ogbe ami bo Obara, which means: "Orúnmila, help me to go in search of my son and save him."

In the morning, Ogbe Bara returned home. When they saw him, people greeted him: "Oku Orire", and he wondered why. They told him they left him for dead, especially when his favorite goat went into the flames to save its owner.

He mourned the death of his goat. He took its ashes and proclaimed that every time fire broke out in a house, every goat that had ever lived in it must be consumed by fire.

This is the reason why, until today, every goat raised in a house will die in the flames as long as there is fire.
Ogbe bara got a turtle, pecked it in half, and tied it to the entrance of his father's house, saying that if any visitor came through the door and had turtle blood on his clothes, that person was his enemy. If the blood did not fall, the person was a friend with good wishes.

Thus the father distinguished between those who came to sympathize or those who rejoiced in their misfortune in the fire.

Note: When this Odu ogbe bara comes out in divination the person is told to serve at the entrance of his house with a turtle to avoid a fire.

Ogbe Bara Ifa traditional Nigerian

Obinrín sowó kókóró

Ó móko è láhun
A day fún Ebè
Èyí ti n lo rèé gbé Bàrà níyàwó
Un le lobìnrin báyìí?
Ebè bá mééjì kún eéta
O bá roko Aláwo
Wón ní kó rbo
Sùgbón or ò gbodò sahun or
Nígbà ti Ebè or gbèé
Bàrà ló gbé níyàwó
Ngbà ti Bàrà bèrè sií bímo
Ló bá bí omo dàálè
Omó kún ile
Obinrín sowó kókóró
Ó móko è láhun
A day fún Ebè
Èyí ti n lo rèé gbé Bàra níyàwó
Taa ló báwónyí beere?
Bàrà ló bímo báwònyí beer

Ifá in Ogbe Obara, says that this person will have peace of mind. He should however take care of his wife so that he can obtain favors from her. Nor should he be stingy with her. Ifá advises him to sacrifice a club.

The woman tenaciously hunched her hands
She sees her husband as a miserable being
They guessed for Ebè (Caballón)
The day she was to marry Melon
How would I have a wife?
Ebè combined two cowries with three.
He went to the house of a Babaláwo.
They told him that he would have a wife.
They told him to perform the sacrifice.
You should not be greedy
When he got a wife to marry.
It was the melon she married.
When was it time for Melon to get pregnant
She had so many children
They filled all the available spaces.
The woman tenaciously hunched her hands
She sees her husband as a miserable being
They guessed for Ebè
The day she was to marry Melon
Who has many children?
The Melon.
It is the Melon that has many children
The Melon.

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