Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila

The Prayer to Our Lady Immaculate Virgin of Juquila, is a prayer widely used by thousands of devotees who follow her cult, who come full of faith to her sanctuary located in the city of Santa Catarina Juquila, in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. The Virgin of Juquila is considered very miraculous, for which the believers, through her prayers, entrust her with the solution of her problems, full of the certainty that her intervention will bring them a timely solution in the face of adversity.

Who is the Virgin of Juquila?

The Virgin of Juquila is the name by which the image of the Mother of God is recognized in the town of Santa Catarina Juquila, although some of her followers affectionately call her Virgen de Juqui, Juqui, or Juquilita. For a long time this invocation of the Virgin Mary has been venerated in Oaxaca, Mexico.

It is said that a Dominican friar, visiting that State, carried his image with him and gave it to one of his collaborators in the church when he finished his mission in that place. This assistant moved to Oaxaca where the image of the image finally resided. Virgin, and from there begins the history of her worship, due to her manifestation in various miracles. Its annual festival takes place on December 8, at which time a great celebration is held where you can enjoy music and typical dances of the area, full of great hubbub and color.

What is asked of the Virgin of Juquila?

The Virgin of Juquila is usually asked by her devotees in relation to any type of setback they are going through, their prayers are generally directed towards the resolution of situations such as:

  • Difficult causes, where the solution is considered impossible.
  • To improve health conditions.
  • Improve economic conditions.
  • Strengthen love ties, marriages and relationships.
  • To request your protection and shelter.
  • Entrust him with the care of pregnant women.
  • Strengthen faith.

How to say prayers to this virgin?

Saying prayers to the Virgin of Juquila is a very common practice among her devotees. In fact, it is estimated that its sanctuary is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of believers who make pilgrimages from different places in the states of Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Veracruz, the State of Mexico, Guerrero, Quintana Roo and Cancun. People usually make their journey on foot, making their requests and thanks through their prayers, whose only requirement is that they be full of faith.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila

With the blessing of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. With the blessing of the Immaculate Virgin of Juquila, miraculous mother, and most pure mother. On this day today I prostrate before you pleading, pleading for your immense mercy.

Beautiful mother full of kindness, it is you who guides and cares for your followers, do not forsake me today or ever. Allow her to be blessed with your consolation and with that great love that you share with all your children on this Earth.

O Virgin of Juquila! Wrap me with your mantle of light, so that covered with your mercy I can remove from my life all the anxieties that overwhelm me. Hear my prayers that with so much faith I humbly raise in your name. Give me your protection, take care of my family, friends and loved ones, so that protected by your blessing we can enjoy good health, love and economic development.

Oh Our Lady Immaculate Virgin of Juquila! Immaculate Mother, Blessed Conception, in your care we shelter your devotees in body and soul, because you are life, you are health for the sick and relief for the disconsolate. Before you, beseechingly, I implore you to pose your gaze full of mercy and generosity on us.

Most Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus, our Mother, it is no secret to you what the longings of our hearts are, you know very well our joys and misfortunes, you know our virtues and sins, but you also know our love for you, and our immense faith with which we trust with closed eyes that your help will make us emerge victorious from the vicissitudes.

Extend your miraculous hands to me, I beg you pious Virgin. Be our intercessor before the throne of God, and with the blessing of your Son, help us to reach the solution to the adversities that overwhelm us today, despair us and cause us so much desolation (make request).

Virgin of Juquila, Incorrupt Mother, your purity is so exalted that not even the scorching fire dared harm your venerable image, proof of one of your many miracles that inspire the hearts of your devotees and gives us strength to continue in the fight of life.

I implore you, venerable Mother, do not forget my prayer, always keep me by your side, so that filled with your presence I may be able to wait with patience, hope and faith, until my requests are materialized and my concerns resolved.

Mother of Juquila, venerable and compassionate mother of all the children of God, I must always be grateful for all the favors you confer on us, thanks to your infinite goodness you were awarded the glory of the Creator, do not forsake us neither today nor tomorrow, nor ever, preserve us from evil. Amen".

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Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for difficult cases

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for difficult cases

«Oh Blessed Virgin of Juquila! Always merciful protective mother. Cover us with your mantle and protect us from all evil, so that sheltered with your protection we can be safe from so many snares of the devil that are hidden behind injustice, betrayal, falsehood, suffering and disease.

Our Lady, Immaculate Virgin of Juquila, be the light that strengthens the faith of the faithful believers, then strengthen our faith and protect our thoughts, so that in tribulation we are not weak before sin and we can keep ourselves day by day within the commandments of God's law.

Be our guide through the paths of this life, and in the face of moments of deep agony, strengthen us to be able to find the necessary peace until we reach the solution of our deepest concerns. Do not allow despair to settle in our hearts.

It is you, Virgin of Juquila, the immaculate companion of the pilgrims of this world. Confident we walk to you, placing our deepest prayers at your feet, because with certainty we await your intercession before God Our Lord for the cause that concerns us, and that, as our lawyer, you have to take to the kingdom of heaven, to achieve in our name the indulgence of the Almighty.

Pure and chaste mother, Virgin of Juquila, lady full of hope, I give my love and devotion to you. As a faithful servant, I always have to come to you waiting for a blessing from you, therefore, full of humility, I implore you to protect me from all evil, and to get me out of this great adversity that I am going through and from the that I am sure, that only with your help and your mercy I will achieve it.

I also ask for your help on behalf of the most helpless, welcome into your bosom all those who suffer, the sick, and those who have no food or shelter, be you Incorrupt Mother, the one who brings peace and resolution that they need so much, and that impregnated in your grace they can see how merciful our Heavenly Father is.

Dear Virgin of Juquila, keep us attached to you so that we can find the salvation of our souls, do not let us give in to despair, how grateful we will be forever praising your name for more honor to you and that of God Our Lord. Amen".

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Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila of Oaxaca for Health

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for Health

«Virgin of Juquila, dear and adored Mother, joy of blessing and eternal health, guardian in the face of vicissitudes, breath of strength and consolation in the face of illness. It is to you that we entrust ourselves, your fervent devotees, to attain your blessed healing grace.

Be it Celestial Lady, Virgin of Juquila, mantle that heals and saves, the one who poses on this body in need of mercy, to you I entrust the cause that afflicts this afflicted creature that bears the name (say the name of the sick person for whom asks).

Before your feet I prostrate full of faith, because I believe in your miraculous presence that, filled with charity thanks to my most humble prayers, make you act on this being that cries out for your divine intervention.

Become the spirit that influences him to get up full of health and life, that after going through this painful test in this incarnation, he can walk without any trace of illness within himself, and that he joins a dignified life, where the pain has diminished to give way to joy, happiness, and peace that comes with the full use of their faculties.

Oh Our Lady Immaculate Virgin of Juquila! Do not allow physical or spiritual evil to settle definitively in this devotee of yours, may your help arrive soon plagued by your miraculous intervention, being one more example of the virtue with which you were invested by the Father, the Son and the Spirit. Holy. Pleading, we believers wait for your look to protect us, and our prayers are heard to see the miracle of healing materialized. Go quickly to this so-called revered Lady, because the danger lurks and the pain becomes more and more unbearable.  

Dear Virgin of Juquila, before you are my prayers that suffer the sadness of seeing the agony of a loved one, but there is no doubt in my heart, because even knowing how weak and sinful we are, we are certain that your mercy welcomes us all. equally, as your children, because we are children of God, and we firmly believe in our redemption.

You place your blessed hands on (say the name of the sick person for whom it is requested), those hands that carried and cared for Our Lord Jesus Christ from his birth until his sacrifice on the cross for the forgiveness of sins. You are a sign of love and faith, and although our love does not compare to yours because of the infinite purity that your actions possess, our pleading heart belongs to you and we take refuge in you, waiting for your goodness to bring us salvation.

Oh glorious Virgin of Juquila! We wait prostrate before you for your help, do not abandon our pleas, so that we see the health of (say the name of the patient for whom it is requested) restored as soon as possible, being one more example of your miraculous piety before the heavens and the Earth, pity of your children who cry out to your presence, and thank you for listening attentively to our prayers today and forever and ever. Amen".

Prayer to ask the Virgin of Juquila for prosperity and money

«Immaculate always virgin Lady of Juquila, you are light, you are truth, you are love. Fill us with your resplendent energy of goodness, and take care of us with your pious gaze because we are in need of your immense charity.

We well know those of us who believe in your infinite miraculous intervention, that you take care of all those in need, as well as, watch over the unfortunate who without bread on their tables cry out for the prosperity that has been denied them in this Land of tribulation. It is to you that we entrust ourselves so that our efforts are not in vain, and that the harvest of our work bears the fruits that bring abundance in the face of austerity and deprivation.

Do not allow, Incorruptible Mother, that the flames of evil end our hopes, and that the debts, the traps, and any evil of this incarnation lead us to misery and desolation. Work on our paths to achieve the long-awaited economic evolution, to see ourselves free from worry (make a request) and rejoicing in your name we can sing praises for receiving the reward of our efforts and the material recognition of everything we set out to achieve.

May yours be the triumph and success of our lives, because, devoted to your faith, we must achieve the bliss that will bring tranquility to our lives and to our homes. I beg you that my prayers be heard, Beloved Mother of Juquila, protect us from all evil.

There is no mishap that in your eyes is difficult to solve, Virgin of Juquila, because you enjoy the grace of God. I leave my paths in your hands, help me get (or keep) the best job that allows me to fulfill myself as a person, for my own benefit, that of my family, and everyone who depends on me, no matter how adverse they may be. circumstances, protected I have to be with your powerful mantle, enjoying health and the strength that will make me succeed.

Thank you for listening and attending to my requests, with faith and hope I await your charity, which will make me see your divine intervention materialized, with the blessing of the Holy Trinity, today and always. Amen".

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for love

«Glorious Virgin of Juquila, in your hands I commend the protection of my heart and my beloved home. You are a symbol of the holy virtues established in the Holy Family, allow your divine fluid to settle in my family.

Protect my relationship as a couple from evil eyes, from envy, from people with a bad heart who would like to intervene, harm or destabilize what it has cost us to build with so much effort.

You, beloved Virgin, synonymous with consolation, understanding and unity, protect with your great mercy all those who make up my sweet home. Take us as a sign of God's love, and full of your grace we can maintain good communication, living in harmony, in peace and stability.

Teach us to forgive mistakes, just as God the Father patiently forgives all of us who repent of our sins, to avoid bitterness, sadness and conflict, making union reign.

Join us Mother of Juquila, to raise good children, believers at heart, kind to others, grateful for the blessings received and oriented towards the path outlined by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Virgin of Juquila, reign today, tomorrow and always in my home, so that we can be happy during the time that we have to go through this incarnation, inspired by the teachings that your life and that of your Son left us who aspire to be saved by the glory of the Lord. We are and always will be grateful for your help and love. Amen".

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila to ask for protection

«Sacred Virgin of Juquila, I implore you to turn your kind gaze towards me, because there are many dangers that day after day lurk the Lord's creatures. You are aware of the power that my opponents have, and of what they are capable of doing to harm me. For my part, I prefer to give you my cause, before proceeding outside the precepts of God, because I am a fervent believer of the word, and I only hope to have your protection.

You know my fears and worries, and you also know my faith. You know about my strengths and my weaknesses, because nothing is hidden from you, so I implore your magnificent protection. In your hands I commend my struggles and my desires, be my protection both physical and spiritual. I humbly beg you to accompany me as you did with your son in Nazareth, whom you never abandoned no matter how grave the danger.

Take me by your blessed hand, because by your side I want to walk, be my guide and light on my paths, may your mantle never stop wrapping me. Well, I feel helpless without your blessing, Beloved Mother, that's why I raise my prayers and pilgrim always to your feet.

Virgin of Juquila, receive my humble words and my tormented heart, so that you grant me your protection, be my guard and my custody, that although I am a backward and sinful creature, I believe in you with deep faith.

Virgin of Juquila, at your feet I prostrate, because sheltered in your blessings I will see myself freed from all evil. I make you mistress of my ways. I beg you to be the consolation in my defeats, and the banner of my triumphs, because there are no doubts in my heart if you are by my side. Protected in your faith I will be forever, like a son who is never abandoned by the love of his mother. That is why I thank God the Father for having entrusted you with such a noble mission of caring for his Son, and for all the children of the Creator on this Earth. Blessed be forever and ever. Amen".

History of the Virgin of Juquila

History of the Virgin of Juquila

The place where this Virgin lives, previously bore the name of Amialtepec. Legend has it that it was at that time that Fray Jordán de Santa Catalina arrived in those lands to share his religious knowledge, being accompanied by a young peasant who served him as an assistant and with whom he shared his teachings.

When Fray Jordán had to return to his homeland, he did not have the resources to pay the humble peasant, giving him the image of the Immaculate Conception, which had been carved in Spain, recommending that he worship her as he had taught him. The peasant kept the image in his shack. One day, as was the habit of the settlers, they began to burn the dry grass of the mountain, to obtain fresh grass in the spring for the cattle, but, on that occasion, the fire ran with great speed causing a great fire that reached the shacks. . The place where the virgin was sheltered was also reduced to ashes, but the image of her, surprisingly, only suffered slight burns.

After that event, word spread about what happened in the neighboring towns and the curious inhabitants flocked to the town from the most distant mountains of Oaxaca. From that moment on, the pilgrimage trip that all her devotees make annually to the town of Juquila began, growing more and more her veneration, giving rise to the construction of her church where she is worshiped to this day.

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