Prayers for baptism

Prayers for baptism

Baptismal prayers are very special within the spiritual world, their main function is to prepare the spirit for the blessing that it will receive. In the case of children, the prayers that accompany their baptism help to make requests regarding what is desired for their future, counting, of course, with the blessing of God as the main and supreme guide of their steps.

What is baptism?

Baptism is a sacrament through which we receive God's blessing that allows our sins to be erased, mainly original sin. During the baptismal act holy water is used, which is poured on the head of a person, in other cases, it can also be completely submerged in water. This ritual is performed in order to purify the body and spirit.

Usually, the baptism is carried out shortly after a child is born, or before reaching the first year of age, although this period is not limiting, since it can be carried out later without any problem.

Within the Catholic religion this ritual is fundamental. Being supported in the Bible with phrases like: "Whoever is not reborn of water and the Spirit cannot enter the Kingdom of God." The sacrament of baptism is unique and unrepeatable, that is, it is performed only once in a lifetime, and determines the act by which one is recognized as a child of God.

What is baptism?

Are prayers for baptism powerful?

There is no doubt that prayers greatly favor the life of the incarnated. Its influence allows the invoked spiritualities to help us reach enlightenment, cleanse our spirituality, and obtain the help we need in some situations of our lives.

The ritual of prayer tends to be a space dedicated to strengthening the soul to continue with the activities of life. This dedication and connection with God is perfectly timely during the prayers for baptism because precisely those prayers are made by assuming the total dedication and spiritual commitment to live under the precepts of God.

In addition to this, all this action must be charged with a deep faith on the part of the participants, and it is from there that prayers become very powerful and efficient resources, considered as a spiritual weapon or shield, to which we can resort. at all times, regardless of where we are.

Baptism prayers are just as effective for children as for adults, in fact, the most important thing at the time of baptism is faith and willingness to the conversion process in which we must work to live under the teachings of the word of God and the example of his son Jesus Christ.

Types of Prayers for baptism

There is a great variety of prayers dedicated to the baptismal ceremony. In fact, their pronunciation is not limited to the officiants of the ritual, they can also be performed by parents, godparents, relatives or any friend who wants to pray in the name of God and for the person receiving the baptism. At the end of the day, it is about thanking and praising God for having blessed us with the gift of life and the forgiveness of sins. Among the different prayers for baptism we can contemplate the following:

  • Prayers before the birth of the boy or girl: these prayers are used as preparation, gratitude and reflection on the great event that the arrival of that expected being means. They reflect the love and joy that their reception entails. Usually, they are used by the parents, grandparents, siblings, or godparents of the child.
  • Prayers for after the birth of the boy or girl: They are made when the birth is already a fact. Normally, they are praises and thanks to God for the miracle of life.
  • Daily prayers one week before the baptism: it constitutes a kind of prayer that is pronounced day by day before the baptism of the future initiate in the faith. They are usually performed for 7 days in a row before the baptism ceremony.
  • Prayers of thanks for the baptism: these prayers are commonly used in the invitations that are distributed among the guests for the baptism celebration. In addition, as its name indicates, they are made after the baptismal sacrament has been celebrated.

prayer for baptism

prayer for baptism

«Our Father who is in Heaven, we are here, your children, gathered in your name, imploring you to enjoy the grace of your blessing. I dare, Almighty Father, to request that you act on us by pouring out the gift of humility, so that it is absorbed by all of us here, especially in our son/daughter, whom we love deeply, and present to you to be recognized as a child of God.

Supplicants we ask you to overflow all your blessings over this creature Beloved Father. May you enjoy good health, both physical, mental, and spiritual. May the abundance and prosperity blessed by God be maintained throughout your life. May his conversion lead him along the path of good and he may enjoy a good life, in grace with divine teachings.

You, my merciful God, granted us the joy of having this child who reminds us of the manifestation of your love, nourishes our hopes and strengthens our desire to continue. Happiness has united us from the moment we learned of his conception, a great joy we share among our family and friends visualizing this moment in which we present him before you our Lord.

We thank you for having him and for him to be part of our lives, begging you to come and live an earthly journey full of good experiences, particularly in regard to his spiritual development. We ask that it may grow healthy, full of principles, values ​​and with exalted virtues, with which it can honor and glorify you.

Before you my God, we offer our devotion because our faith has been manifested in allowing us to bring this beautiful child into the world, who has come to be the light of our lives and a fervent son of yours on this Earth. From this hour on, it influences the transformation of our home, which without a doubt is a space dedicated to your name, where this child of yours will get to know you, love you and adore you in a dignified and sincere way.

Oh Holy Father! We give you infinite thanks for allowing us to reach this day when, reunited as a family, we unite our energies to praise you and purify our beloved child, conceived from the deepest love. Today, the day of his baptism, we give him/her to you, Father, so that he/she may be recognized from the depths of your heart, stripped of any impurity that could leave the stain of sin on him/her.

We celebrate in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit this baptism to the glory of the Lord, before the divine presence invoked by the proud parents and godparents who extend their most sincere blessings on (name of the boy or girl), with requests for kindness , which will certainly purify her spirit, freeing her from all evil.

Together we beg for your protection to accompany him from start to finish, in the company of the immaculate and holy Virgin Mary, protective mother, so that she always walks by his side covering him with her sacred mantle.

Jesus Christ the Redeemer, at your feet I commend him/her, because in your word you said it well: «let the children come to me», bless then, the baptism of my creature (name of the boy or girl) interceding for him/her before God the Father, forever and ever, amen."

short prayer for baptism

“God the Father, King of kings, thank you for your infinite mercy that, emanated in the glory of your power, has materialized in creation, granting us the happiness of being able to conceive this child that we present today before your benevolent gaze, praying that Ampares like a son and a devoted one of yours. Today, his parents and godparents, accompanied by friends and family, pray that he be bathed in your waters that enjoy the grace of forgiveness of sins.

To you, Almighty Father, we offer your devotion and ours. Bless our home, make it part of your kingdom, where our son / daughter can serve and honor you so that he can live in peace and happiness on this Earth. Our Lord, sow in his heart the truth of the precepts imparted by your son Jesus Christ, so that he becomes a good son, a fraternal brother with his neighbor and with all the creatures of creation. In your hands I deliver it, be his guide, as you have been with all of us. Amen".

Prayer for a girl's baptism

«Glorious Heavenly Father, today full of joy we come to introduce you to our beloved daughter (name of the girl) product of our love. The love that you have given us and which we have enjoyed since the moment of creation. I am grateful in the company of all my family and friends, with whom I recognize your immense power and mercy.

At your feet we pray that our beautiful daughter may become a woman full of health, with a fresh mind, full of intelligence and influenced by your glorious wisdom; protected by the Blessed Virgin Mary and accompanied by blessings emanating from the saints and saints of your heavenly court.

We give our daughter to you, so that free from original sin, thanks to your baptism, she can fulfill all the good purposes that she has to live on this Earth. We pray that she becomes a submissive, devoted woman, full of virtues until reaching your grace, with the ability to serve and love you.

May our prayers be valid from now on so that she enjoys your favors, your blessings, and your abundance. Amen and so be it."

Prayer for a child's baptism

Prayer for a child's baptism

«King of Heaven, Immaculate Father, my God and Our God. We are here in your glorious presence to present before you our son (say the name of the child).

Charged with deep humility, today we have gathered in your name, enjoying without doubt the blessing of the Holy Spirit, because those who gather in your name will have their requests heard and addressed.

We will be forever grateful for being blessed in the joy of bringing into this world a son who enjoys the love of all of us here. In celebration we present it to you, to strip it of any mark that may possess its spirit due to the dragging of sin, against which those of us who follow you and protected by faith live in the hope of becoming true devotees worthy of your grace.

Committed we promise to care, love and guide our son on the right path of life. But, we also hope to have your blessing so that as Our Father, you help us in this important work.

Today, before God we present this creature that bears the name (say the name of the child) who, being anointed in your purifying waters from this hour and this moment, will become a believer whose faith will be nourished by our love. , yours and their own, which will increase by always growing under your will and teachings.

Allow my God, that he clearly knows the purpose that has been entrusted to him for his life, so that by serving you he can become a man of faith, abundant in success, full of principles and above all goodness. We baptize him in your name, today and forever. Amen".

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Tender prayers for a baptism

“Beloved Father, from your infinite mercy we have received the miracle of life manifested in this beautiful creature, pure and innocent, devoid of all evil. The sooner we have arranged to bring her before your presence to praise the way you make yourself present in our lives. We are sure of the magnificence of your actions, that is why we do not stop praising you in all the moments of our lives, especially today, that we have plenty of reasons to celebrate your goodness.

My Lord, full of gratitude in front of you I implore your blessing for our child. Fill him / her with your healthy fluid, clean the vestiges of original sin that may have left some trace that dirty their spirituality, and full of your goodness allow this beloved being, who is just beginning his journey on this Earth, to be lucky in life. life that awaits you to come. Flood our home, our hearts and our family with your light so that he can grow in a loving environment, full of principles and values ​​of peace, tranquility, piety, charity, love, union and kindness.

Oh Holy Father! Light that illuminates our path, may this holy water purify the spirit of this being that I love so much, and that being received among your baptized children, a destiny full of abundance, success, joy and well-being be sealed for him/her. I give you my son, my Lord, so that he may be guided along paths of goodness and become a good man/woman, to our pride and your glory. Amen".

Baptism prayer to print

Baptism prayer to print

«My God, Our Father. Today and always at your feet I cry out your name, may all the honor and all the glory be with you.

I modestly present before you my beloved child, blood of my blood and flesh of my flesh, whom we have called (say the name of the boy or girl). Bathe him in your holy waters so that, converted into your faith, he can become a faithful Christian, charitable, loving, a good son and a good human being. Receive him/her Eternal Father, as one more sheep of your flock, the church.

In the company of our family and loved ones we celebrate that he is received by your immaculate hands and purified with your forgiveness, his soul is prepared to live an abundant life, where he prospers both materially and spiritually.

We bless him in your name God of mercy, so that, from this day, his true path may be initiated within the precepts of the teachings of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Help him, Holy Father, so that he discovers his purpose on this Earth early, and so that he patiently learns to wait for the fulfillment of your promises of salvation. Thank you my God for such a valuable gift, our son. Bless him, today, tomorrow and always. Amen".

Prayer before the birth of a baby

“Merciful God, you who with so much love have allowed us to enjoy the pregnancy of this child that we happily await with hope, hoping that your blessing awaits him for a good future. He emanates your sacred influence on all of us to be able to form a home where your blessing reigns and your will is done. Join us so that after his arrival on this Earth we can become wise, loving and virtuous parents, capable of giving him a good upbringing within your teachings, so that as a good Christian he grows up in a home full of peace, hope, charity. and faith. Amen".

Prayers for after the birth of the boy or girl

«My Lord, admirable Father, deeply grateful in the company of family and friends, I raise this prayer in your name to praise your immense glory. From my deepest fidelity for being one more creature among the many of your creation, today, rejoicing in happiness, I show before your divine presence our child (say the name of the boy or girl), who under your grace must become in your faithful devotee, just as we have been. Thank you for your incalculable kindness, and for bestowing the blessing of health on his whole body and soul. From this moment to you, God of mercy, I entrust his care, also recommending his protection to his guardian angel and to all the angels and archangels of the kingdom of heaven. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Prayer of thanks for baptism

«Let us give thanks to God Our Lord, for the miracle of life manifested in this creature that bears the name (say the name of the baby). Purified in the grace of the Lord, that from now on he may develop into a life full of blessings for the glory of the Eternal Father. Amen".

Christening invitation for boy

“My Lord, we will be forever grateful for having given us the wonderful joy of bringing into this world the son we always dreamed of. Therefore, full of joy we have to present him to you, so that he may be recognized as the fruit of our love and become a good son of yours. Accompanied by his godparents we will happily come before your presence.

We invite you to the baptism of our son (child's name). To be held on (insert day and date) at (insert time) in (insert exact location). Then we will celebrate at (insert the address of the place of the celebration), we would like to have your presence. Thank you".

Christening invitation for girl

“From the depths of our hearts overflowing with love, we wish that, on this special day, the grace of the God of heaven spills over you. May baptism illuminate the rest of your life with its great splendor, in the company of all your loved ones. Amen.

I invite you to my baptism on (insert day and date) at (insert time) in (insert exact place). Then, we will be sharing in (insert the address of the place of the celebration) with pleasure we are waiting for you. Thank you".

Phrases for invitations

“To God, thank you for your infinite love and allowing me life.

To my parents, thank you for leading me down the path of faith.

To my family, thank you for receiving me with immense love.

To my godparents, thank you for sincerely giving me your heart.

With much love I invite you to my baptism. It will be held on: (insert day and date) at (insert time) at (insert exact location). Then we will share with family and friends, at (insert the address of the place of the celebration), where we gladly await your assistance. Thank you".

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